Monday, 18 August 2014

Badger attack

Walking along a country track, which I have to say did resemble part of the map from Ghosts, prison break. I saw a small grey rabbit ahead of me bouncing around happily. From out of a bush between myself and the rabbit, appeared a badger. 

The badger upon seeing me decided to turn and run. It headed towards the rabbit but then got spooked by it. In a panic, the black and white mammal turned and headed straight for me. I remained still to avoid causing it any further distress but it deliberately headed for me and jumped on my head. 

It then set about giving me a bit of a kicking, I frantically waved my arms and kicked out my legs to get it off of me but it continued to attack me. I woke before I managed to stop the badger onslaught and when I went back to sleep again I was attempting to fill a metal container full of water. 

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