Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Who's Eric Morcambe?

I used to live in the Lincolnshire seaside town of Skegness and often dream of being there. Last night I had returned to collect some belongings from my family. I was with two other people but I didn't know them. 

I walked them through the streets until we reached a house that I said was my family home. It wasn't and I'd randomly picked a house I liked the look of. I opened a door by pretending I had the keys but went through the motion of turning them in the lock. There was a second door which I did the same again, both times the doors opened. 

We entered into a living room to find a family sat around a table, all of them looked shocked at three strangers walking into their house. I said, "This is my family, hi everyone, I've come for my things". They all looked even more confused. The mother of the family then suddenly started to go along with it and hugged me and said, " Your things are still in your room". 

I was next at work and had gone to help out in the department run by supervisor Pat. I knew that someone needed help and that I was the only one available trained to use the equipment needed. 
Pat asked who had told me to come down and help and I informed him that I volunteered. 

Pat was very stroppy about this and told me to leave and get the correct authority to do the procedure. Angry at this I told him, " Stop being a dick, you know what, stuff you, find someone else to do it!"

Lastly I was at a big house that had an indoor swimming pool, I walked in hoping to have a private swim but was confronted with hundreds of school children having lessons. I headed over to one of the instructors who was wearing black rimmed glasses. I told him he looked like Eric Morecambe. 

The guy laughed but then said that everyone was too young to remember who Eric Morecambe was. I shouted out, "Who knows Eric Morecambe?"  Everyone put their hands up. 

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