Thursday, 3 July 2014

The morning after

First off I was walking with Vince from work, we were heading towards my mums house and Vince had a dog on a lead. 
As I looked at all the houses, something just didn't look right but I couldn't work out what it was. 

Just before reaching mums house it clicked, all the houses were inside out. The contents of the houses were all sat on the front lawns and set up as if they were the rooms. I turned to tell Vince, but he had vanished. 

Lastly I was in the living room of a house that I didn't know. My wife was with me and a woman I didn't recognise. The house was a mess, it was clearly the morning after a party, there were peanuts and empty beer cans all over the floor. 

In the corner I could see the top half of a naked sleeping man. He was extreamly hairy and his back was like a rug. The man started to wake and stood up with his back to me. He moved over to the corner of the room and started to urinate. 

I called out to him, "Hey stop that!"  He paused, turned his head to me and smiled. Then continued releaving himself. I was then suddenly in the street and there was a fight taking place in front of me. I could just make out that it was the woman from the house. 

She was wearing a brown trench coat, simular to the one Columbo used to have. I watched as she punched and kicked people, putting each one on the floor. I ran over to her and asked what happened. She just replied, "They annoyed me".  

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