Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Swimming, tomatoes & odd bod

I began a full night of dreaming by attempting to swim the length of my mums lawn. It's not very big but really difficult to front crawl with no water. I gave up. 

I was next in a police custody block which was totally rammed with people, police officers and prisoners filled every inch of the place. Hanging from every wall and from the ceiling were tomato plants, ladened with ripe red tomatoes. I kept handing a folded T shirt to a policeman but he just threw it back at me every time. 

Next I was in a van with work colleague Robbo. He was hungry and so we stopped at a pub to eat. Inside it was set out like a cinema and playing on the screen was the film, 'Carry on Screaming'. We sat down at the back and were chained to a metal rod. 

The characters then walked out of the screen into the room and we managed to slip off our chains and started to leave the room. If you've seen the movie then you'd know the character, Odd Bod. He started to chase us and we knocked over tables ans chairs in our haste to escape. 

Lastly I was in a lavish stately home which had an amazing spread of food set out on a long table. The lady of the house invited me to help myself, she said, "Tuck in Max, you missed out at the pub". As I wondered how she knew this I heard a lorry reversing. 

I looked around to see my wife taking a driving lesson in a 40 foot artic truck. She was inside the room I was in and she skilfully manovoured the truck around the furniture and lunch guests.


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