Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Super spy

Initially I was being very gracious and understanding towards my wife despite her telling me that she had a new husband. I resigned myself to the fact that as friends I wouldn't see as much of her now that she had married. 

I was next at work and my colleagues that cover the Eastern area of our business had all of them had been playing a football match. (Soccer) for my American readers. Lorraine was sat in a car with Simon when their supervisor, Ricky pulled up along side of them. 

Ricky then started to chant at them about being beaten in the game and that they were both rubbish at football. Lorraine just flicked him a middle finger and drove off. 

Lastly I was in some kind of a hotel or office building, I couldn't tell which. I was being briefed by a female that I didn't know about a mission to rescue a kidnapped Russian woman who was in one of the rooms. 

The female opened up a secret panel in the floor and removed a toy gun. She handed it to he and said that the woman's guards were armed and dangerous. She then took me outside the building into the car park to look for my car. 

I repeatedly asked her for the woman's name but she kept avoiding the question. I then explained to her that I'd recently watched all five series of Chuck and that I knew a lot about spying. Just as I said this I saw the actor Zachary Levi, who played Chuck. He was standing in the street dressed in his Buy More shirt. 

The only difference was that he had hair at the sides of his head but was bald on top. He looked totally miserable too. I approached him and explained that I was just talking about him to the female and then saw him. Zachary in a dull uninterested voice said, "Oh so what did she do, laugh or something?"   

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