Friday, 11 July 2014

Sausage and bacon

I was at work and it was very early in the morning, the room was subdued and nothing was going on. In the corner of the room were two workmen who appeared to be fixing the lighting. 

I heard Rich shout that grub was up and he entered with a brown bag containing cooked sausage and bacon rolls. The two workmen became very interested and started to move closer in the hope of being offered some food. 

Nina suddenly appeared from nowhere and took a couple of rolls and sat with me to eat. Rich had a pile of china plates stacked in size order, with the smallest on top. Into these he poured earl gray tea. 
I noticed that the rolls had no butter in them and so left the room to go to the kitchen. 

Upon my return with the butter, the room was completely empty and there was no sign of any food. Gutted. 

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