Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nose train & the Thatcher saga

In total contrast to last night, my head was full of dreams and my brain is tired from it today. 
I began by being with my wife, we were on a flat bed trailer that was on a train track.  it was night time and looking ahead of us along the track was Martin from work.  

Martin laid down on the track with his head facing towards us, he smiled and then both of his nostrils opened  to the size of tunnels.  The trailer we were on started to move towards him.  we then entered the right nostril and passed along a dark tunnel.

I was next in a large department store buying a large flat wardrobe, the box I'd selected and placed onto a trolley had a small hole in the corner.  I could hear my mother in law shouting from the other side of the store. She said, "Don't buy it, its broken". I got to the checkout and ripped open the box, it was empty.

This section of my dream has been rated certificate X due to the sexual content and therefore will not be published.

Lastly I was at work in the underground car park when I was approached by Ammie and Charlotte.  Ammie asked me if I had seen a pair of glasses in one of the cars.  I had found a pair but pretended I hadn't.  She then said that Margaret Thatcher had lost them.  I started to laugh and Amie guessed that I had them.

She open the door and there was the former Prime Minister walking around in my works car park.  Amie waved to her and looked back and said, "Don't worry, I won't tell her".


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