Saturday, 26 July 2014

Merry Christmas!

Last night I was a policeman and I was driving a car when I saw a white van approach a juntion on my left. The van was going fast and didn't stop, it cut across me causing me to slam by brakes on. The van carried on and the driver didn't see me. 

I spun around and saw the van pull up on the left and the driver walk into a house. I ran after him and knocked on the glass front door. I could see the driver on the other side, along with several other people. 

I was invited in and could clearly see the van driver was drunk. He didn't speak English and so I asked the others to interpret for me. The man fell over and I managed to put a tube in his mouth to breathalyse him, it read 160. 

I then tried to arrest the man but an old woman started punching me and a young lad produced a knife. There were lots of kids running around crying too, the scene was chaotic and becoming dangerous. I shouted on my police radio, "Get me some help here now!"
The reply over the radio was, 'Merry Christmas!"

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