Monday, 21 July 2014

Hammer time

Last night I was running with a very full washing up bowl of oil. I was in my Nan's old house where I was born. 

In my mind I needed to pour the bowl down a sink and then turn the hot tap on to break up the oil. I ran into the back room where I was actually born in. 

The only thing in the room was an old style wooden unit that had a lift up lid. When I pulled up the lid, it revealed a sink but I couldn't see a tap. 

I pulled at a handle and it turned into a record player, an old vinyl 78rmp dropped down and began to play. 
I dropped the bowl of oil on the floor and started to do my best MC Hammer dance to Hammer time. Even though the music was classical. 

Just before I woke up I was in the garden with my dog. He was chasing something around the garden and had it cornered. 
When I looked it was a baby pig the size of a field mouse. 

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