Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fur coat

I had decided to walk to the shops, I had grabbed my wife's dressing gown and was heading along the street. The dressing gown however was a full length fur coat and was attracting a few onlookers.

When I reached the shops, they were all open but totally empty, even the staff were missing. I wandered around them for a while then decided I required the toilet. 
I next found myself in a public toilet. 

As I looked for somewhere to urinate, a teenage lad was wandering around in his underpants shouting. He was demanding that someone gave him a lift to the railway station. A black woman was cleaning the toilets but ignoring the lad. 

The lad started to shout at me and was saying how stupid my fur coat looked, I decided to ignore him too. I started to use one of the urinals and when I looked down, the woman was cleaning it. I immediately was unable to wee and tried to turn away from her. 

Every time I turned the woman moved so that she could watch me urinate. It was very unnerving and the lad was still prancing around in his underpants shouting for a lift. The whole scene was very uncomfortable. 
It was at this point that I woke up with pins and needles in both hands.   

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