Friday, 4 July 2014

Dead mans fortune

I was dreaming through the prospective of another person last night. That person was Mrs Roberts. I have no idea who Mrs Roberts is but she was hiding in a small office on a mezzanine floor. 
Below her were two men who appeared to own the place. 

An American man entered the room, and they seemed to trust him as they chatted to him and went about their business. They then revealed a huge quantity of cash from a suitcase. Upon seeing this the American promptly shot them both dead. 

I was then at the house of friends and work colleagues, Garath and Leeza. I opened their front door and let myself in. Sat in the entrance hall were severval dogs and cats, none of which made any fuss at my presence. 

Leeza came down from upstairs holding baby Crew and said, "Why are you so early?" I told her that Mr Roberts had phoned me, that there were two dead men and that there was a fortune in cash. Leeza immediately left the house to head for the office. I called after her, "Who is Mrs Roberts?"


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