Saturday, 19 July 2014

Coffin dodger

I started off by entering a garden shed that turned out to be a church on the inside. I approached the altar I could see an open coffin that was an odd shape but defiantly a coffin because I could see the dead body of one of my neighbours in it.  (I won't name them for fear of freaking them out). 

As I sadly walked towards the coffin my wife suddenly ran past me, nudging me as she rushed towards the altar. As she reached the coffin, she didn't slow down and gave it a hard shove, shooting across the room. 

Lastly I was waiting to board a coach but was waiting for my wife to arrive. I watched as the three coaches that were parked, slowly filled with passengers. As the last coach closed its doors and drove away, my wife finally arrived. 

I explained that we were too late and would have to get the train instead. We did this and it was so packed that it was nose to nose with no room to move. It was hot and very uncomfortable. 
I could hear a voice that I recognised but was unable to tuen my head to confirm who it was. 

I finally managed to strain my head a little and saw Spooner from work sat in a chair with nobody even remotely close to him!

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