Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Classical house & frozen car

I could hear very loud classical music being played. It was a bright sunny day and I was outside in the countryside. I walked across a grass field, heading towards the music. As it got louder, I turned a corner and was confronted with huge stone steps up to a massive stately home. 

The music was coming from the house beyond the steps and I sat half way up the steps to listen. I remained there with my eyes closed, soaking up the sounds and sun. It was very pleasant. 

I was next in a car park, it was dark and late at night. It was in contrast to the stately home setting, ice cold and everyone was wearing fur trimmed hooded coats. 
I could see my car and it stood out from the rest as it was the only one not covered in ice. 

My wife appeared and told me that we had to disguise the car so that it blended in with the others. She then started to rub her hands over the car which as she did this, stared to freeze up. It spread from her hands and quickly covered the entire car. 


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