Friday, 25 July 2014

Canabis thief

I was at work and one of my supervisors called Stu, he had a young lad in a room because he had found canabis on him. They both sat at a table whilst Stu filled in some paperwork to record the drugs. 

I entered the room and picked up a plastic bag that contained the green herbal substance. The lad looked remorseful and Stu continued to write, ignoring me. I opened the bag and poured its contents into another bag but spilt a lot of it on the table. 

I scooped up the canabis from the table and checking that Stu wasn't watching, I popped the drugs into my pocket. In my mind I had every intention to smoke it later. I left the remainder of the canabis on the table and left the room. 

As I walked away I heard a knocking, I opened a door and found Phil who had arrived for work. I chatted with him as we walked, telling him that it had been a very quiet night. We entered another room and bumped into Leanne. I told her that I had dreamt about her the other night and she was happy that she was in one of my dreams. 

I then saw the former presenter of the TV show, 'Magpie'. Her name I couldn't remember but I have since looked her up and she is Jenny Hanley. 
Jenny told me that she had been phoned at 3 pm to come into work and that she had no idea what she was doing. She was wearing a knitted jumper that she was using as a dress as it went past her knees. 

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