Monday, 28 July 2014


I was in a large room that contained a massive drum shaped machine. Standing next to it was Lee-Ann who told me it was a giant coffee maker. She opened up the lid and got a large tub of coffee beans to pour into it. 

I stopped her from doing it as I could see fluff in the drum, I got a vacuum cleaner and sucked out all the fluff whilst Lee-Ann held the beans. When I'd finished she threw them into the drum and shouted "Beans!"

I was next in a furniture showroom with my mum, we were looking for my older sister. We couldn't find her so my mum asked if I wanted a game of cards and we'd play a game called 29. She was about to explain the rules when Harry arrived. 

Harry had no shirt on and was very drunk. He fell on the floor and laid his head on my phone. My mum dealt him some cards and he started snoring. My sister arrived and was worried someone was going to steal her car. 

Lastly I was in a hotel room in bed and hiding under the covers. I heard someone enter the room and pretended to be asleep. They approached me and pulled back the cover. 
I could see it was actor Nicolas Ball. He saw it was me, tutted and left the room. 

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