Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Transport drunk

I was on the top deck of a London red bus. I was travelling through the Essex town of Barking at night and I wanted to get home. I was aware that the bus terminated in Barking and when it reached the end of the journey, I asked the driver if I could stay on the bus and wait for it to make the return journey. 

I was informed that the bus wasn't going back and so got off, as I did so a fat bald headed drunk man got on the bus. I told him that the bus had terminated but he was too drunk to even hear me. I took hold of the man by his collar had physically dragged him into the street. 

The bus had then become a train, the man got up and climbed up into the train. Angry at this, I again dragged him off into the street. As he lay on the floor I kicked and punched him repeatedly, he did nothing and remained still and lifeless. 

The landscape had become frozen and thick snow covered the streets. I left the drunk laying in the street and started my long walk home. The streets were totally empty and there was an uneasy silence. 

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