Monday, 16 June 2014

Lawless Britain

I began by watching, presenter of tv's, 'Grand designs', Kevin McCloud swimming in a river. I was high up on the bank walking along and keeping pace with him. 

Knowing where he was I threw a large rock to the right of him so that it didn't hit him. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed the second person swimming with Kevin and the rock smashed him on the head. 

After apologising perfusly at cracking the mans head open I decided my best course of action was to leave. 

I was next perched up high above the local shops close to where I grew up. I had a high powered snipers rifle and I was picking people off. 

As the third person I targeted, dropped dead, a riot broke out, with shops and houses being looted. I moved from up high and joined the chaos. 

I approached a house and a black man opened the door. He was frightened by the riots and refused to let me in. I explained that I just needed the toilet and he directed me to under the stairs. 

I entered the tiny space and could see a toilet sistern but no pan. There was a small open pipe sticking up so I began to pee into that. 

From out of the pipe appeared a hand, shocked at this I stood back as the sistern lid opened and a small black boy popped out of it. Unhappy at being peed on, he started to cry. 

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