Friday, 6 June 2014

John Goodman & the DHL villains

I had entered a huge warehouse at night, it was dark and cold, so cold I could actually sense it in my sleep. I could see the cold as I breathed out and felt it too as I walked around in the dark. 

I was part of a team that had been sent in to investigate an organised gang of criminals operating within the DHL company. Heading up the team was actor John Goodman and my dog, Humbug. Humbug to be fair, did little other than run around playing, but he was very cute. 

I was then sat in a meeting and everyone was talking about the death of a councillor, it was one of those moments when I realised I was the only one in the room who didn't know about it. In the end I just had to ask, "Who's dead?"

It was then explained to me by John Goodman that the city councillor had been bribed by the DHL gang for inside information but had died whilst having sex with a female solicitor. The councillor had left a will that blew the whistle on the gang in the event of his death. 

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