Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Jim Davidson & the giant hamster.

Initially as I drifted off to sleep and my wife was reading, I got jabbed in the ribs by a man I didn't know. I called him an idiot and open my eyes to be asked by my wife who I was referring to. 

Into my dreaming I was in a game show / computer game and I was not only watching myself on the TV but had some controllers that I could move myself with. 

I froze the game and selected the options to change my character. I pushed the button to scroll, changing the face of me on the screen. First option was comedian Jim Davidson, I continued to see the other options and decided on a hamster face. 

I carried on with the game and jogged around running into various objects collecting them as I went around the game. Each time I hit something, it made a ringing sound. I collected a coin and a voice said, 'Power up to super hamster mode'. 

My clothes then ripped like the Incredible Hulk as my body turned into a giant hampster with super strength and speed. I then ran around the game roaring as I gobbled up people and anything else that crossed my path. 

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