Thursday, 5 June 2014

i bacon & bare bums

As I first fell asleep, my wife thought it would be funny to play a recording of machine gun fire from her phone. It startled me and I woke to her giggling. 

When I went into my dreaming, I was at work speaking to a woman who was making a serious complaint. I took her into an office and entered to the sound of bacon frying in a pan. 

I ignored the sound and carried on attending to the woman. The sound grew louder and louder and I realised it was coming from my pocket. 

I took out my i phone and on the screen was rashers of bacon cooking. I hit the volume button and turned it down. The sound dissipated and the bacon stopped cooking. 

I was next in a basement with friend and work colleauge Davey Mac. It was a mixture of an apartment and locker room. 
There were lockers in the middle of the room and against the wall was a fruit machine and an ATM cash machine. 

Davey asked me to help him move a bed out of the room and so we took an end each. As we lifted, Andy a supervisor from work entered the room. 

Andy was sweating and opened a locker and started to get changed. On the count of three we lifted the bed. I pulled back the cover and there was a man laying face down on the bed. 

His bare bum was facing up and I shouted to Davey, "Hang on there's some dude asleep here!"

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