Saturday, 21 June 2014

Disabled priest & Australians

My dream began in a church and I was trying to enter through a door but a priest in a wheelchair was blocking my path. 

I asked him to move but he just wouldn't stop talking and every time I spoke, he became louder and spoke over me. I was becoming so annoyed with him that I was contemplating punching him. 

Eventually I just pushed his wheelchair and sent him spinning off down the isle still talking. I then entered through the door. 

On the other side of the door was a completely empty stone walled room. Apart from in the middle of the floor was a cordless drill. 

I could see an outline of a door in one of the walls and pushed it open. I almost fell as the opening was a massive drop into a cave. Right at the bottom of the cave were some old stone steps, leading nowhere. 

I was then walking out in the street, it was bright and sunny. I could hear a child behind me. She had an Australian accent and was swearing. 

She was right behind me and grabbed me around my chest. I told her to get off and threw my arms up to push her back. As I did this, I woke up pushing my sleeping wife off who was hugging me.   

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