Friday, 27 June 2014

Dead leg

Walking at the city centre end of Lincoln Road in Peterborough, I approached a small crowd that had gathered. I could also hear a man crying in pain. 

Just as I reached the crowd, I saw a severed human leg laying on the floor. It still had a shoe on it. The sound of the man was increasing, he sounded in intense pain. 

I pushed through the crowd and saw a man on the floor screaming in agony and with a leg missing. I shouted for everyone to get back and they did. 

Looking down at the floor, there was blood everywhere and hundreds of footprints in it. A small boy ran around us, mocking me. 

I tried to push the boy and shouted at him to get back but he continued to avaid me. All the time the one leged man screamed in pain. 

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