Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Corby jam

I was initially at the top of a medieval castle on a BMX bike, I was cycling along the wall between the turrets performing stunts. I reached the end of the wall and saw a pile of sand up against the turret. 
I lifted myself up over the wall so that I could see below, there was a massive mountainous drop completely made of sand. I gasped at the sheer drop and dropped back to safety. 

Next I was driving my wife's car through the ring roads of the Northamptonshire town of Corby, it was late at night and the roads were empty. 
As I continued my journey, I noticed blue flashing lights on the opposite carriageway. A Vauxhall Astra car was crashed into the central reservation and the police were leading away two young lads. 

In the road ahead of me were loads of glass pots of jam, they were just sitting in the road and I had to manovoure the car around them to avoid smashing them and puncturing the tyres. I managed to successfully get around them and arrived at my place of work, which isn't in Corby. 

The entire inside of the building had been painted brilliant white and it hurt my eyes. I walked upstairs to the briefing room to find that all the computers had been replaced with pool tables. At one of the tables was Dan. I asked him where all the computers had gone and he said, "We just play pool all day now, it's brilliant". 

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