Sunday, 22 June 2014

Axe man

A very vivid dream last night, more so than most, with it actually feeling real. Beginning in a gym hall with a large group of people exercising. 

We were being given instructions by a trainer who had us all stepping heal to toe around in a circle. In time everyone sat down. Not recalling any instruction to sit, I continued walking along with a woman. Eventually, everyone was sat except us. 

I was next looking into the back of an ambulance. There was a mattress in there that was coverd in blood. I turned away from the ambulance and saw a row of very sad faces. I heard someone say that a paramedic had been shot and killed. The ambulance drove away. 

Lastly I was with my wife and we were about to enter an underpass. Just in front of us was a man walking his very large dog on an extendable lead. The man was wet, as if he had been standing in water. The underpass was black dark and we had a torch and so did the man with the dog. 

The dog kept crossing our path and becoming tangled in our legs. We walked faster and got ahead of the man and the dog, all we could see was our torch light and that of the man's behind us. 

Suddenly the light from behind us went off, I looked back to see the man's dog running towards and then past us, a look of horror on its face. I tried to focus back down to the darkness of the underpass but couldn't see. Then a light hit the entrance and lit up in silhouette the body of the man laying on the floor. Standing above him was the figure of a man holding an axe. 

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