Monday, 23 June 2014

Awesome & hot air

Not surprisingly I have dreamt about a character in a series I'm currently watching a lot of. The series is US show, 'Chuck' and the character is played by actor Ryan McPartlin, who has the nickname Awesome in the show. 

I was searching a very dirty and smelly house with Awesome and my dad, I have no idea what it was we were looking for, but the search was very unpleasant. I opened a bag and discovered a pair of sheet metal hand cutters. 

I held them up to my dad and very excitedly announced that they were rare right handed ones. Both myself and my dad worked with sheet metal many years ago. Awesome wasn't in the slightest bit impressed by my discovery. And he couldn't understand my absolute delight at finding a pair of left handed cutters too. 

I was next in a hot air balloon with my wife, having been talking about it the previous day. The location was far from exciting however, we were flying over the shops in Dagenham Heathway in Essex. 

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