Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wee stop

My usual problem with being on a night shiftz in that my need for a wee manifests into my dream after a few hours sleep. I was in a dark building full of connecting doors, all the walls and doors were dark wood panels too, adding to the dullness. 

I was searching for a toilet and kept opening doors, hoping the next one would contain a lavortory. As I entered a large dining hall, several people were queuing away from the door I had just entered by. Everyone looked very unhappy. 

I tried yet another door and someone else was holding the handle on the other side. We pushed and pulled a couple of times before the door opened inwards as I let go of the handle. I was confronted with Simon from work, who smiled at me and said, "Alright buddy". 

He walked out and I saw two toilet cubicles. Not wishing to use the one he had come out of I checked them both to see if I could work out which one he'd been in. The right hand toilet pan still had the water flushing in the pan, so I chose left. 

I was next in a petrol service station and could see a 40 foot artic lorry parked on the forecourt, the driver was walking towards the kiosk. I jumped into the cab of the lorry and started up the engine. 

I put it in gear and pushed hard on the accelerator. I'd not taken the handbrake off and the lorry jerked hard against the brake and I was pushed back in my seat. I was then suddenly standing behind the lorry driver in the queue in the kiosk. 

I woke at this point needing the toilet. 

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