Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tower of London, toast and pears

I was in a massive warehouse with a roof that was at least fifty feet high. There were about twenty other people present. 

Hanging from the rooftop were hundreds of pears, from branches. Everyone was holding a glass jug full of water. I had an extendable pole. 

I felt smug that I was best equipped to get the fruit and started to push my pole at the pears above me.
To my surprise, everyone started to float onto the air towards the roof. 

They held their jugs up and pears gently dropped into the water. I poked at the fruit in vain with my pole which wasn't long enough. 

I was next in a darkened room as the sun slowly emerged and began to light the room. As it did I could see the Tower of London outside the window. 

Below the window in the room was a bed with someone sat up in it. As the light illuminated the room, I saw it was Lee from work. 

He was wide awake and had a full plate of cold toast. He said that he was thinking too much and hadn't slept all night and hence couldn't eat his toast.  



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