Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tidal wave

I was with my friend and work colleauge Garath. We were in a works van driving along a coastal area. Running ahead of us was my dog Humbug. 

It was a nice sunny day so it was a little surprising to see three foot of snow when we turned a corner. Around the next turn, rain and then sun again. It was like a micro climate. 

Garath started to explain to me how this could happen when I drove into a lake. The van floated and continued moving. I excellerated hard and turned the wheel causing a large wave. 

Garath said, "You shouldn't have done that". The wave started to gain momentom, getting faster and bigger until it reached a tidal wave. I gave a 'Whoop whoop'. 

I glanced ahead, remembering my dog and saw that he was happily running on water and skipping through the wave.

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