Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sour sweets & superheroes

The setting for last nights dream was the now delilict site of the old Peterborough district hospital in Cambridgeshire. I was in the basement of the building tied with rope to a chair. 

I was not the only one held captive in this way, a group of American superheros were also there, including, Captian America, Wonder Woman and Superman. I know what you're thinking, why didn't they just escape using their powers? They weren't working was the simple answer. 

Behind me were some metal shelving containg boxes of sour sweets. I managed to shuffle my chair over to them and move my head over to eat some. They immediately gave me the power to break free from my constraints and release the others. 

We ran through the dingy corridors of the old hospital basement looking for a way out. In the middle of an underground carpark we were met by a gang of villains holding machine guns. We all stopped thinking we were done for. 

Then the superheros huddled together in a circle and combined their powers, a flash of green light exploded from them, causing the villains to flee. We then triumphantly walked out of the hospital, into the summer sunlight. 

I was then driving my car following my work colleague Lorney, but I was watching this from a distance and wasn't actually in the car. Upon closer inspection, the cars were remote models and Lorney was controlling them. She was wearing a bright peach coloured summer dress and had her hair and makeup done as if she was going to a wedding. 

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