Sunday, 4 May 2014

Seaside robbery

I was driving a van on a narrow country road, it was a dark night and there were no street lights. I only had my headlights to guide me, it started to become tretuous as a heavy fog descended upon the road ahead. 

The road became even narrower and I saw a sign pointing towards the coast. I continued to follow it, driving over a sand dune and expecting to arrive on the beach. I was surprised to find that I arrived in an industrial warehouse park, with a group of small works units. 

I saw a couple of lorries parked up, one had the word 'Wendy' on the side of it.  As I got out of my van I saw that a gang of thieves were breaking into one of the units, I shouted out to them and they scattered. A small black Pug like dog tried to run away too. 

I had a carpet knife in my hand, I threw this at the fleeing dog, hitting it on the back. Blood poured from it as it ran up to another unit, opened the door and hid inside. I opened the door and saw that it was trapped. Closing the door, I turned back towards the theives. 
Everyone had vanished, including the lorries and the fog. I was on an open beach. 

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