Sunday, 18 May 2014

Red handed jewel thief

Last nights dream was set in a cinema, my wife and myself were trying to move along an isle to get to a vacant seat whilst the movie had already began. We kept hitting people as they half stood up whilst still attempting to hold their seat and popcorn at the same time. 

As I knocked the umpteenth person and appolgised, I spotted an empty seat. I sat down and saw that the person next to me was my good friend Matt, who spends half of his life at the cinema. I looked back at my wife who was still struggling along the isle. 

I then looked over at the screen and saw my wife was part of the movie. She was chasing a jewel thief that had made off with her jewellery. The man responsible had a red T shirt on, the hero of the film, who was also chasing the thief, had his arm in a plaster cast that was red. 

A witness to the crime mistakenly pointed the finger at the hero and he was arrested. My wife was happy that someone had been captured but still wondered where her jewels were. 

Matt slurped on his drink and whispered over to he, "I've seen this one before, the villain gets away". I looked down the isle and saw my wife still moving towards me. 
I stood up and shouted, "They've got the wrong man, it wasn't him"!  I was then soundly shushed by everyone in the cinema. 

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