Monday, 19 May 2014

OCD cupboard

It's odd how various topics of conversation manifest into my dreams. I had been talking to my wife about her working from home and this turned up in last nights events. 

I was at my mums house where myself and my wife were hosting a singing contest. My wife explained that this was part of her new role at work, which couldn't be further from reality. I took a break and went into the kitchen to get a drink. 

When I entered, two people I didn't know we're leaving the room. I opened the cupboard and all the glasses had been turned upside down and mixed up out of size order. This immediately had me hyperventilating as my OCD kicked into overdrive. 

I ran back into the living room to tell my wife but the room had become a police cell. Sat in the corner was a young girl who looked as if she was high on drugs. 
Then Neil came in, who recently retired as a supervisor from work, he was with Pat, who still works there. 

Neil was asking the girl what she had been up to and just kept turning to me and laughing. I noticed that Neil looked about ten years younger, his hair was jet black and he looked in great health. After laughing at the girl for a bit longer, Neil left. 

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