Thursday, 15 May 2014

Moaning matron

I was sat in a hospital waiting room and had spread myself out over three chairs with my feet up on one and my coat tossed over another. No one else was able to sit down and those that wanted too were too afraid to approach me to ask me to move. 

I looked up and saw the ward matron standing over me with her hands on hips. She did not look happy. She started to complain but then walked off along a corridor still moaning. I tried to ignore her but I could still hear her complaining to other members of staff. 

I got up and followed the sound of her voice and found her talking to other nurses about me. Everyone except the matron noticed me approaching and started to walk away. I shouted out, "Oi", the matron turned her head and was met by a punch to the face. I walked away smiling. 

As I moved back along the corridor I could see a police van driving down a street. The back doors to the van were wide open and lots of bags and people were falling out into the street. 
I used a Walkie talkie to attempt to communicate to the police and alert them. 
But as I tried to speak, my voice wouldn't work and I was choking.
At this point I woke up coughing in bed. 

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