Monday, 12 May 2014

Jelly bread

Again I was dreaming that I was in my mums house. It does always seem to be as it was when I was a child and not how it looks today. I needed to go to the toilet which is situated at the end of the hall in full view of the front door. 

I sat down on the toilet but noticed that the bathroom door was open and then noticed that the front door was also open. I could see right out into the street, meaning anyone passing would also be able to see me on the pan. I sat there shouting, "Dad, dad!" I could hear him laughing. 

I was next in mums kitchen where my wife was preparing dinner. From the fridge she produced a large plate that had a dome shaped jelly made on it. Within the jelly were several different shaped loaves of bread. I stared at it and said' "What the.........!"  My wife sliced it like bread but the jelly fell apart. 

She explained that our friend Lee-ann had made it. I started to say how horrible it looked and that there was no way I was going to eat it, when Lee-ann entered the room. 
She smiled and asked how the jelly bread was. "Oh it's nom nom", I lied. 

For my American followers, jelly for you is jell-o and we call jelly jam, (fruit preserve) in the UK. 

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