Saturday, 17 May 2014

Irish nudity & West Ham

I was in Ireland for my dream last night, somewhere I have never been, but the giveaway was that everyone had an Irish accent. So I'm pretty sure that's where I was.  

I had firstly gone into a pub that was so tightly packed with people that I couldn't even get to the bar. It was so loud, I was feeling very claustrophobic and just headed for the exit. As I got into the street a group of women approached me. 

The women invited me back to their houses but I declined and walked off, just wanting some peace and quiet. 
I was next at home, and wondering how I had got from Ireland so quickly when there was a knock on the front door.  In my mind I was expecting a plumber to arrive and give me a quote for some work. 

I opened the door and was greeted by a workman, as our stares met he gave me with an apologetic look. Behind him were the women I had met in the street in Ireland and lots of men from the pub. 
All off them were completely naked and holding bottles of alcohol. 

Lastly I was outside in the darkness of the night, I was on the sand dunes of a beach. I was attempting to get a hot chocolate from a vending machine but it kept giving me hot water. I was becoming increasingly annoyed with it when I heard what sounded like soldiers on manovoures. 

I looked over the sand dune onto the beach and saw soldiers running towards the sea with guns raised. Leading them was George from work, George was in the football strip of West Ham United. He was running around in zig zags and didn't appear to know what he was doing. 

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