Friday, 23 May 2014

Harry Secombe on the run

Just as I initially dropped off to sleep I woke with a start as both my hands had swollen like balloons. A quick check confirmed they were normal and I went back to sleep. 

Comedian and founder member of the Goons, Harry Secombe appeared in my dream. He had solid balls of paper about the size of golf balls that he was throwing at people. When they hit someone they caused injuries and he was also smashing windows with them. 

After pelting a school with his makeshift weapons, a small girl left with Harry and joined him in his trail of destruction. Running into a wooded area and laughing as they went. 
Up above the trees was a mountain that had a path cutting through it. As Harry looked up at this a figure riding a horse appeared. 

The figure was entertainer, Noel Edmonds and he was out to apprehend Harry and put a stop to his reign of terror. The girl and Harry threw paper balls at Noel and ran off laughing. Nothing was stopping them. 

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