Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Don't call me scar face

Bit of a mixed bag of events from last night, beginning with me being asked by some guy how I got a massive scar on my face. 

The scar ran from my ear to my mouth and looked horrendous. I was being modest about it because I basically didn't know how I had got it, when work Colleauge Kallum started telling the guy that I was a war hero. 

I was feeling a little uncomfortable about Kallums total lies, when another work colleauge called Feaney approached me. We walked me over to the far side of a field telling me that there was a phone call for me. 

A metal wire fence defined the end of the field and there was a tree on our side of the fence. Under the tree was a blue tooth ear piece. Feaney laid down on the floor and put his mouth against the ear piece. He whispered, "Never forget that I love you". 
When I picked up the device, there was no one there. 

Lastly I was walking towards a block of flats and noticed one was on fire. As I ran over towards it I saw a cat with four kittens. They all had the exact markings of a tiger. The protective mother moved away followed by her brood. As they did, they all turned into pigs. 

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