Friday, 2 May 2014

Dancing fool

It is very often the case that I dream about the people around me. Last night was no exception, with me siting the upper deck of a passenger cruise boat. I was on a calm river but I couldn't see where I was. 

As the boat gently floated down the river I could hear music playing, I was unable to distinguish the song at first and cupped my hand over my ear to create an adapted hearing aid. As I consentrated on the tune, I saw Scott from work was sat next to me. 

He stared talking to me and I struggled to hear the music over his excited chatter. I began to become frustrated at his disturbance and tried to walk away from him. Annoyingly, he followed me still chattering. 

Suddenly Scott shouted, "I love this one". He then proceeded to jump around the deck in a show of the worse, or best, whichever why you view it, dad dancing. Other passengers, myself included started to leave, appuled by his display, until there was just Scott alone and dancing to a tune a still couldn't work out.  

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