Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cucumber and marmalade.

I was with a group of guys and we were driving up and down a street looking for somewhere to eat. Everywhere we found was either packed full of people or closed. Just when it looked as if we would never find anywhere, we pulled into a completely empty car park. 

There was a restaurant which was open and with no one inside. We ran in and sat at a long table and grabbed a menu each. Without even being asked what we wanted, a waitress bought out food and gave it to us. 

On my plate were garden peas, diced cucumber and a pot of marmalade. Looking at everyone else's plates, they all had the same. Hungry, I didn't complain and started eating. When I looked up from my plate, the room was totally crammed full of children, all standing around the edge staring at our food. 

I hunched myself over my plate in a protective stance and hastily scooped up my peas, some of which rolled onto the table. I shouted out, "Oh look I've pea'd on the table".  In true tumbleweed fashion, the silence was deafening. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. My friends were sat silently shaking their heads at me. 


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