Saturday, 10 May 2014

Country cottage

Set at night, I was in a small cottage that I had never seen before. In the kitchen was a range which provided heat and the ability to cook. There was an old leather arm chair next to the range and a window looking out into a small meadow. 

I sat staring out of the window and watched the sun rise. As I did, the meadow came to life. Two horses wandered through from a hedge and ate some grass, followed by a cow and then a dear jumped around. 

I walked outside to take in the splendour of the Mother Nature. When I got there, all the animals had gone and I was in a back yard. An American woman pushing a car went past me. She said hi and that she was a friend of Bill next door, who is also American. 

I then saw my wife who was playing with a large brown dog. The dog was laying on its back so it could have its belly tickled. When I went over to it, it's fur was soft velvet exactly like a soft toy. In fact it was sewn together with various patches of material just like a toy. 

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