Friday, 16 May 2014


Unfortunately, it would appear that the entire World is set against me having any sleep today and have converged outside to smash wheelie bins, deliver heating oil and generally talk loudly at what a lovely day it is. 

Not such a lovely day if you have been working all night and attempting in vain to sleep on a beautiful summers day. Sleepy village life? Not a chance today. Farm machinery, ride on mowers and shouting cyclists are putting pay to my slumber and in turn any dreaming. 

A large mug of tea is required to help inject some life into my weiry body and prevent me from wanting to rush out in the street and protest at the World being alive in such a noisy fashion. 

As I sit in bed slowly sipping the caffeine into my veins I can't really grumble at such a lovely day. I can always catch up on sleep later. I'm going to join you World and embrace the day. 
Perhaps after just one more cup of tea........... 

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