Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cash machine

I was in a restaurant, the kind that are in garden centres or department stores. You walk along the display filling your tray and pay the lady on the end. 

When I got to the end, instead of a lady serving there was a self checkout machine like the ones you now get in supermarkets. My food only came to £2.50, so I reached in my pocket and found I had a 50p and a £10 note. I placed both in the machine to receive £8.00 back. It kept all my money. 

I was next in my mums back garden and there was an old sytle light blue Ford Feista parked on her lawn. A woman got out of it and appolgised for having broken down. A man arrived to fix it and the woman came into the kitchen. 

My wife was setting the table for dinner and set an extra place for the woman, who was very thankful. She explained that the car was now twenty years old and that she should perhaps get a new one. 

Finally I was walking out of a building, across a bridge over a road towards another building. The bridge connected the two buildings. I was wearing a bright yellow high vis jacket. When I looked at everyone else, they too were all in yellow. 

Not wishing to be the same as everyone else, I took mine off. As I got to the other building, people were sat outside at tables like a continental cafe. One of them sat there was Phil from work. As I entered the building he followed me. 

I tried to ignore him but he kept asking me where I was going and what I was doing. I stopped and turned round to face him and he had turned into Nick one of the big bosses at work. He was wearing a white T shirt with a picture of Phil on it. Odd. 

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