Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Car park dribble

I was taking part in some kind of sporting event held in a car park. It involved various people from work including Spooner and Lee. A fair sized crowd had gathered to watch the proceedings. 

We all stood on a starting line with a football at our feet. Ahead of us were various obstacles, such as brightly coloured plastic cones, just like the type used on a primary school sports day. 

A whistle blew and we all started to dribble the ball as we manovoured around the cones. Everyone of us were messing up by knocking cones over and going the wrong way. Another whistle sounded and I was announced the winner. 

The others all looked on in disbelief at how I could have won and was as equally as bad as they were. A subsequent second and third game resulted in me being triumphant again. The others were voicing their objections when Dave from work started giving a detailed and really boring explanation as to my victories. 

The others then turned their anger at Dave and started to chase him, I walked up to a table, grabbed a large silver trophy and lifted it above my head. I looked very smug.  


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