Friday, 30 May 2014

Calm down, calm down

After watching a cop show last night, I dreampt about being one. I watched the brilliant U.S show, Brooklyn 99 which clearly inspired my imagination. 

I was at work and a man stood before me about to be charged with murder. He was being looked after by Charlote and Aimee, who were basically chatting and ignoring him. 

Just as I was about to charge the man he fell on the floor clearly faking a heart attack. A paramedic appeared and started jumping on the mans legs. 

As the paramedic continued to disprove the man was having a clutcher, by bending his legs in the wrong direction, I glanced around and saw a second paramedic stealing stationary from the cupboard. 

Lastly I was outside a small cafe with my wife and we were waiting for her dad and his friend to join us for breakfast. 

They arrived and my father in laws friend was from Liverpool. He had a very loud and pronounced accent and was very cocky and annoying. 

We entered the cafe and a very old lady came out with a pot of tea. She looked at us and said, "I wish I could be your friend, but I just don't want to be". 

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