Sunday, 11 May 2014

Box room

I was in my Nan's old house, a place where I spent a lot of my childhood. I used to sleep in what was called the box room, the tiny room that had the stairs taking up half the room, positioned above the front door overlooking the street. 

It was night time and I was in my old job as a school caretaker, looking out of the window I could see the school across the road. Dawn was breaking and so I walked around the school and unlocked all the doors. 

When I returned to the box room and glanced back over at the school, I noticed a huge hole in the front of the building as if it had been hit by a mortar attack. The roof above it was seriously damaged  and was about to collapse. 

I ran over as children were starting to arrive, I saw the deputy headmaster and told him to evacuate the premises. He decided that it wasn't that dangerous and refused to close the school. I went back up to the box room and sat watching, waiting for the imminent collapse of the building. 

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