Saturday, 3 May 2014

Black out

A little bit freaked out by last nights dream. After finishing work at 4am and almost nodding off on the journey home, I was very glad to get into my bed safe and sound. I hit the pillow and it was lights out in an instant. 

To start with I was having a vision of Matt from work as a life size cardboard cutout. He was moving and talking as normal but was only an inch thick. When he turned sideways, I couldn't see him, until the wind caught him and blew him over. From behind he was just brown coloured cardboard. 

I was then driving home from work and feeling extremely tired. My head was dropping like a nodding dog as I struggled to stay awake and focused on the road. Before I realised, my eyes closed and I gave into the tiredness. 

I then suddenly threw my head up and saw the ditch at the side of the road rushing towards me. I panicked and shouted in terror as I was about to crash. 
I opened my eyes and found myself in bed. 

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