Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wigwam's and lawn mowers

Not unusually for me I drempt I was at my mums house. I was playing football but inside the house. Starting at the front door, I dribbled the ball up the stairs past lots of people and into the front bedroom. The goal was against the wall, I smashed it into the top right hand corner. I heard thousands of people celebrating. 

Next I was attempting to get a petrol lawn mower to start in a large unknown garden. This must be as a direct result of chatting about lawn mowers yesterday. Watching me attempting to do this was my wife and her friend Jayne. 
After several fail attempts to get it going, I looked into the grass box to see that it was blocked with hay. 

Finally I was standing tree branches up together and arranging them in a triangular shape. I appeared to be in a field. Two men were watching me, I knew who they were, but couldn't see their faces. I tied the tops of the branches together and pulled down a canvas cover whilst remaining inside the wigwam structure. 

Once the canvas was fitted over the frame, I started to panic as I couldn't find a way out. I shouted to the two men outside, frantically scratching at the canvas to find an exit. Eventually I crawled under the bottom and when I emerged I was next to a boat on a river. The two men had gone.  


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