Thursday, 3 April 2014


I was in a dark room or either outside and it was night, I couldn't really tell. There were hundreds of people around me, almost as dense as if in a football crowd. 

I was trying to make my way through the crowd when I saw a man holding his face. Blood was dripping through his fingers and he was in pain. 

The man glanced up at me and pointed with his other hand towards a male a short distance from us. He said, "He did this to me". 
As he uttered these words, the people surrounding the male parted, leaving him isolated. 

I approached the male and told him to show me his hands. He compiled and I took one arm and placed it behind his back. As I did this the male brought his other arm around and stabbed a needle into my left hand. 

The pain felt real and woke me from my dream, I was shocked that I had been stabbed but laying awake, the pain in my left hand continued. 

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