Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Robbie Savage and the Super dome

I was walking around an isolated woods with three other men but I didn't recognise them. In a small clearing was a ramshackle house that looked like a boys den. 

We were all peering into the windows when the door opened and a tramp like man confronted us. As he was telling us to leave him alone, I glanced beyond him into the house and caught a glimpse of shiny silver. 

The tramp saw me looking and proudly invited us all in to look. In the centre of the room was an elaborate water fountain. The top of it was a highly polished chrome dome and boiling water flowed from it. 

The tramp lifted up the dome and produced a shower attachment, which he then proceeded to demonstrate. Looking at the tramp, he was in rags and was filthy, I'm not sure he used it much. He was clean shaven however and looked like the football player, Robbie Savage. 

Further lifting up from the base of the dome, revealed a recess that was covered in wood panels. The panels had shapes drawn on them. The tramp picked up an electric gigsaw and started cutting out the shapes. 

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