Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My little runaway

An animal themed dream from last night. Beginning with my me being in a feild with my wife's old horse Murphy. 

I was making a fuss of him when friend and work colleauge, Davey Mac appeared. Davey produced a £5 note and tucked it behind Murphys ear. 

He then covered him from head to toe in straw. I took a picture of Davey with thumbs up next to Murphy to send to my wife. 

Next out walking with my wife in a park, we had our dog, Humbug, my wife's Nan's dog, Lilly and a mystery Greyhound. 

Lilly ran off at speed in one direction and Humbug and the greyhound in the opposite. I sent my wife after Lilly and I went to get the other two. 

When I caught up to them, I was no longer in a park but in the streets surrounding my mums house. Humbug ran back to me but the greyhound had vanished. 

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